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I am a long time reader of fantasy and science fiction. A lover of horror movies and bad sci-fi. A collector and scholar of comic books. I have an MA in History focusing on the Cold War and comic books during the Reagan and Bush years. I believe knowledge should be free and that you can learn from anyone if you just take the time. Even if all you learn is how not to be like that person.

comment Name of the movie where two black women are kidnapped, one stabbed in stomach and cut in half
When were you a kid?
comment Who is speaking when Gandalf uses the Black Speech?
The voice of the One Ring in LOTR was done by Alan Howard not Cumberbatch.
comment How was Daniel Lugo able to withdraw Victor Kershaw money from the bank?
You might want to read the real story of what happened here: miaminewtimes.com/1999-12-23/news/pain-gain
comment What is the real reason for the Joker's scars?
Did you notice that quote is in the answer from @TylerShads?
comment What is the first instance of a disaster movie coming true?
@ChristianRau except that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed first presented the idea of the Sept. 11 attacks to Osama bin Laden in 1996.
comment What is the cinematic origin (first use) of a “Fortune teller will lose powers after intimacy” trope?
I searched through imdb.com for some of the keywords from "Live and Let Die" including psychic and virginity. I also looked through films with precognition as a keyword. The earliest movie I could find with this trope was actually "Live and Let Die." I can't say that's a definitive answer though.
comment When did each Horcrux get destroyed in the Harry Potter movies?
Regulus only retrieved the locket. He did not remove the curse on it. To destroy the piece of Voldemort's soul that it contained the locket had to be destroyed or damaged so badly it couldn't be repaired. Ron, after being mentally tortured by the locket with images of Harry and Hermione together, destroyed it in the Forest of Dean with Godric Gryffindor's sword in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
comment When did each Horcrux get destroyed in the Harry Potter movies?
Slytherin's locket was not destroyed until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
comment Are there references to WWE Superstars in Real Steel?
The People's Champ was likely a reference to boxing legend Muhammad Ali.
comment Why did Michael Richards refuse to portray himself?
I have to ask where you are finding information that Michael Richards "refused" to be in the movie. I can't even find anything saying they offered him a part in Man in the Moon.