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Stacks of aquariums. Stacks of LEGO. Stacks of movies. Missing a stack of books. My life is like a game of Jenga.

comment Super 8 questions
At some point, yes. The alien was indeed controlling the militaries weapons, but until I get another chance to rewatch it, I can't answer as to when it took control.
comment What are the accumulated major injuries/wounds James Bond has received in the film franchise?
Yes. It's a suspension of disbelief to think he'd be able to perform more than one or two missions before he was physically broken.
comment Old Cartoon - fast driving cars on cross roads
This sounds like a Disney Goofy cartoon from the 60's or 70's.
comment What is the meaning of the “fly scene” in Breaking Bad?
This episode confused me. 1 fly in the lab was too many for Walter, but houses full of roaches are OK?
comment How many police/SWAT team/soldiers/nazis/cowboys are there in the final chase scene?
To quote young John Connor from T2: "Uh... all of 'em, I think."
comment How did they create the hole in Robert Downey Jr.'s chest for the Iron Man movie?
All that goo and no rubber gloves? No thanks.
comment Is there a visually optimal area to view a 3-D movie at the theatre?
@Oliver_C I asked it that way because the film editor is tasked with presenting the movie in the best way possible. I figured the editor would be targeting the best place to watch the film from. I suppose asking just where the director sits while screening a 3-D film would have also have worked.
comment What did they use to make the Jetsons flying car sound effects?
@DForck42 Not a big foley artist fan? I enjoy TV/movie special effects, hence the question. There ought to be a real answer to it. The sound effect was created by something.
comment Did Captain Jack Sparrow eat people?
They use the phrase "long pork" when refering to the island where Jack can be found, a term used for cannibal food.
comment Why was Anton Chigurh being arrested at the beginning of the film?
@EvikJames The book does differ from the movie. It is explained in the one, but not in the other. It may be one of those "left on the cutting room floor" edits. So the answer to your question is no.
comment Was Blaster from “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” the same character as the big farmhand from “Mad Max”?
Here is a link referencing this question, but not exactly answering it: madmaxmovies.com/flubs/othertrivia.html
comment Was Blaster from “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” the same character as the big farmhand from “Mad Max”?
Web sleuthing isn't bringing up any Mad Max farmhand pics. Looks like it may be time for me to rent the movie. The MM character I'm asking about was in his teens or early twenties wearing overalls and carrying a shotgun and young enough to be Blaster fifteen years later. You may be thinking of the old ladies husband?
comment What kind of company is Initech?
Initech = every cube farm I've ever been to.