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About me

I'm particularly interested in C++ and, recently, Haskell and can be found at the lounge. I rarely tweet random stuff. And I also have a github account that I mostly use for insignificant or secret projects.

I've some experiences with HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby and PHP. Wanna know why I abandoned PHP without remorse? Read here.

Researches on beer

Recent experiments, that I've painfully self administered, have lead to the conclusion that the Ballmer's peak manifests itself around ~0.4l of a ~4% beer with a weight of ~75Kg while having full stomach.

Want to support research? Let me buy more beer (for testing).

Recurrent Standard C++ quotes

The following quotes refer to the N3936 draft (~C++14).

  • ยง8.3.2/4 -- It is unspecified whether or not a reference requires storage (3.7).