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The Lounge

It's the room of thousands topics. I can be ofen found there. If you are planning on joining for the first time, please read the newbie hints first.

On Github

This account contains all my public projects. I mainly code in Haskell and C++, but you might find some projects written in PHP, Ruby or Python.

  • Recurring C++ - I keep a list of all the standard quotes I often use in my answers. Fell free to ping me (in chat) or comment on Github if you feel like any is missing.
  • Interesting talks - This is a list of videos I've watched recently and possibly found interesting.
  • Shameoverflow - List of the most brilliant questions here on SO.

On Twitter

This account is managed by some stalker of mine. The tweets are just sad and wrong. Don't follow and don't establish contact. Any attention will make her stronger.

Buy Beer

Recent experiments, that I've painfully self administered, have lead to the conclusion that the Ballmer's peak manifests itself around ~0.4l of a ~4% beer with a weight of ~75Kg while having full stomach. Help mankind by financing research.

accepted How come that MIB's and his mother's bodies were 40-50 years old when found by Jack and Kate?
accepted Why didn't Locke say he saw the monster?
accepted Lost purgatory theory