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All this time thinking about whether or not you could, you never stopped to think about whether or not you should.

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comment What was the impetus behind making Steve Austin “better than before”?
edited answer to include a direct answer to the comment.
comment Why are most scenes in a car recorded with chroma?
Safety comes to mind as one obvious reason. I'm sure that even if it were legal, a big camera rig would be a bit hard to see around, and also, it's simply safer to drive without distractions... (like not messing up your lines)
comment Could a fire hose really support the weight of a falling man?
No offense, but I'm voting to close. This isn't really a question about movies or T.V. It's a question about physics triggered by a scene in a movie. Movies and T.V. often require a willing suspension of disbelief. I don't think "is x possible in real life" should be considered on-topic.
comment Voldemort's physical presence pre-Goblet of Fire
Not in the movies, but it was explained quire plainly in the books. Since that explanation is off-topic here, you might try this question over on scifi.stackexchange.com.
comment Why Reboot Spiderman?
This is a Rhetorical question and as such, meets the site definition of not a real question It's difficult to tell what is being asked here. This question is ambiguous, vague, incomplete, overly broad, or rhetorical and cannot be reasonably answered in its current form. For help clarifying this question so that it can be reopened, see the FAQ.
comment Why wasn't Tobey Maguire in The Amazing Spider-Man?
Because this was another reboot? Same Michael Keaton wasn't in the Dark Knight movies?
comment Why were the parents in The Poltergeist shown smoking pot and drinking?
Nice answer! +1
comment Why were the parents in The Poltergeist shown smoking pot and drinking?
Although I do have to admit, that it's tempting to look at that picture, and, knowing Spielberg's politics, that it's entirely possible that he did want to portray someone who would like Reagan in a negative light.
comment In what order should a newcomer watch Star Wars episodes?
+1 I'd add MAYBE watch episode 3 afterward to see how Anakin fell, as that one was the only non-doo doo movie of 1-3. Between Jar Jar's annoying presence in ep. 1 and the forced romance in ep. 2, I'd rather have never seen those two. Oh, to have never heard of Midichlorians... Ruined it completely for me.
comment What is the first instance of a disaster movie coming true?
Too bad this site is limited to TV and movies, because the Wreck of the Titan was a good example of a written story that seemed to come true. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futility,_or_the_Wreck_of_the_Titan
comment First movie with product placement?
You know, this is a good question - I'm not arguing that, but I almost wonder - there are SO many up-votes on this, and there are other equally good questions out there, that I wonder if the up-votes are truly because the question is that stellar,of if it's Jeff's rock-star persona. "OMG, Jeff Atwood asked a question on OUR SE Beta site!!!!" ;-) But +1 from me, too, because it is a good question.
comment Why is death metal being played in the interrogation room in Homeland: Blind Spot
I'd have used Barry Manilow, myself. And I'd have tortured him at the Copa.. Copacabana.... pain and confession are always in session at the Copaaaaaaa.... Don't tell them anything...
comment What prompted the producers of Happy Days to promote and spin-off Mork and Mindy?
Money... They recognized the talent in Robin Williams and saw an opportunity to profit.. Mork was funny...