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Kevin Hunt

I taught myself Basic in 1981 and I've been programming ever since - 34 years and 20+ some languages later.

Professionally I have been working as a programmer for the past 20 years. I mainly work in Internet development using LEMP, LAMP and for a time ASP. My preferred environment currently is Centos7, Nginx, MariaDB/MongolDB/Redis, PHP. This, of course, includes use of Javascript, CSS (SASS) and all the various languages that go along with being a developer.

My work involves not only the planning and design of our web code architecture, but I also perform all the sysadmin duties for our current set of projects. This includes operations such as: VPS node configurations, security analysis, version control, code rollout and decisions involving software systems used in all aspects.

In addition to pure coding, I have been working with graphics since Photoshop 4 (and actually much earlier, but that's when I first used pro software). I am also no stranger to Illustrator, AutoCAD, Sketchup, CorelDraw and a host of others. I pretty much work both left and right hemispheres.

You may have noticed that I do not have a degree in Computer Science, I do have college coursework in programming and always maintained a high GPA in my education. At this point I have so much experience that I could teach most of the classes I would have to take. Besides that, if I need to learn something new, I just learn it - I've always been self taught and I find that the technology that we employ changes far too quickly for the outdated collegiate system to keep up.

So graphics, coding, layout, UI .. no problem, need a shopping cart from scratch in 4 hours, done that. Classified ad system, user accounting for 20 million, community portal, online calendars, survey systems, report generation, sales tracking, email templates - everyday tasks. Need a vinyl sign, stained glass or laser engraved award - I can do that in my home shop.

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