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comment Why does Wolverine drink alcohol?
I think the wiki quote here is not only enough to explain how alcohol does (or mostly does not) affect Wolverine, but also to explain why there were so many bottles. If he was trying to get drunk, then he'd need a whole lot of alcohol to do it.
comment Why do so many movies & TV shows feature recognizable, un-branded or re-branded products?
On a re-read, the "product displacement" idea makes a bit of sense, if this really is just a marketing gimmick. But the Red Bull example you used before that really doesn't apply here - in the vast majority of cases I've noticed (and especially in TBBT), the particular brand or product that's being obscured has practically zero relevance to the plot.
comment Person of Interest - Where Finch snoops on a bunch of webcams in an apartment building?
Sounds familiar. The super being involved seems about right. Now if I could just find a good streaming source for it to check.
comment Have Finch's back problems been explained?
Wow - covered in E01x04? My memory is rusty.
comment In Ice Age 4, what's the significance of Scrat's bone disappearance?
What's the significance of anything Scrat does? Comic relief. He's the Jar-Jar Binks of Ice Age - only not quite as annoying.
comment Why do so many movies & TV shows feature recognizable, un-branded or re-branded products?
I'm still not sure how the network benefits from this. What "extra fees" would the network have to pay? Shouldn't the only potential payments here be from the manufacturers who want their products advertised?
comment What is this item in Sheldon & Leonard's apartment?
Wow. I'd like to know the guy that got that photo. Great answer!
comment Why are computer hackers shown to either be geniuses, or show them doing it in fantastic ways?
There are some fairly accurate depictions of hacking in certain movies/tv, but most of it is an exercise of artistic license. A good example of both of these, is the Person of Interest episode, "Super". (S1-E11) There, one of the characters hacks into neighbors' Wi-Fi networks and hijacks their web cam feeds. While it's very possible to do this to one Wi-Fi network, it would be extremely difficult if not improbable to capture streams from multiple networks simultaneously on one system.