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comment Mad Men Season Two, Draper pays Elevator Attendant to shut off service
It also looked like Don was having the waiter or bartender water down his drinks since he didn't order his usual Old Fashioned or rye whiskey but Roger's favored martini (aka the "Roger Sterling diet") where this wouldn't be as evident.
comment What is the deal with Walt's hat?
There are also some parallels between the real life Werner Heisenberg and Walter. He was affiliated with the Nazis in the run up to and during WWII but, he tended to rationalize this to some degree.
comment Is the sword fighting historically accurate?
@RISwampYankee - Thanks for the additional info. I was mainly thinking of the attack portion being slowed down for better, more dramatic, filming, not to mention the safety of the actors and stunt people. I didn't consider the defense portion.
comment Why have Joan and Don never gotten together?
@wbogacz - From flashbacks it's clear that Joan and Roger were having an ongoing affair when Don tricked Roger into hiring him.
comment What is Billy Ray Valentine doing on the trading room floor?
The real life story that influenced this scene: Silver Thursday
comment What is the cinematic origin (first use) of a “Fortune teller will lose powers after intimacy” trope?
My search turned up Live and Let Die as the first time this comes up as a significant plot point. It's not surprising since this kind of topic would have violated the Motion Picture Production Code that was in effect from the early 1930's to the late 1960's. There could be a pre-code era film that had it, some were quite racy, but I couldn't find one right off.