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comment Why does Anakin/Luke's Lightsaber change colour?
As a side note, colors on an object can change based on the lighting in a room. Colors from a light source are subject to the same effects. Additionally, one presumes that the color of the plasma would be effected by the temperature of the blade and the atmosphere in the room - different gases have different spectrums. Given that it also lists crystals on that page.... perhaps, in universe, it could just be the age of the saber? Out of universe, it probably is just the technique...
comment Is Jean Valjean lying when he tells Javert that he will turn himself in after 3 days?
Agreed - Javert's rejection of his offer absolved him of it.
comment Why did Zod ask for Lois Lane to come on their spaceship?
I would suspect a potential hostage...
comment Why did Zod ask for Lois Lane to come on their spaceship?
@Liath - Well, they did use the information gleaned to find Martha Kent.
comment Could the Death Star travel faster than light?
Moreover, it would be doubly useless as a battle-station explicitly designed to blow planets up.... what would it do after it finished?
comment What was the reasoning for turning off the fences?
At least in the book, I think he only disabled the dilophosaurus fences (the specific cage he was going through). It was only once people were trying to regain control of the system (including rebooting the system) that all the fences were shut off.
comment How did they shoot/record the One Day More scene?
I'm assuming they did it in several shots, then matched it up in editing. Heck, they wouldn't (likely) have had a full orchestra around for every shot, so that would have to be put in afterwards anyways, and dealing with some other cleanup.
comment Why doesn't Stan Lee make a cameo appearance in X2?
He didn't create Captain America, but he has a cameo in that movie.
comment Sci-Fi movie where character determines date, time & location from looking at the night sky
This has been possible with "today's technology" for several centuries. About all you need are accurate histories of the paths of the stars (and moon)... and a lot of math. You can get season/hemisphere just by what constellations are in the sky, and the relative positions of certain stars (and conjunctions of certain planets) could give quick time ranges... with simple observation, before even starting on any of the necessary calculus.
comment Rooftop contraption used to simulate realistic driving scenes
Also used on National Treasure 2, I hear. But gah, look at the amount the rover's left-side shocks are depressed...
comment Why did the Observers choose the year 2015?
So that Doc Brown wouldn't be able to take a warning back to 1985.
comment For Magneto, does being powerless mean he is innocent?
What, they caught him? I always assumed he ran away, after realizing his powers were gone...
comment Has any actor appeared in all of: Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate?
There's at least one I know of for Star Trek -> Star Gate (Saul Rubinek). Adding Star Wars is going to be harder - the other two were (very long running) TV series, with a larger need for 'guest stars' (heh).
comment What was the first film or television show that used computer generated credits?
I'm fairly certain that the opening credits to the original Superman movie were computer generated (given how it looked), although I don't know if it's the earliest example.
comment Why are most scenes in a car recorded with chroma?
You've missed one key part of 'control' - it means you can use shots from different takes, without having to worry about 'background' elements being consistent (because a constant source is stitched in later).
comment Why are most scenes in a car recorded with chroma?
@David - A lot of times, cars with camera rigs on them (when actually shot on the road) are towed - the actor isn't really driving.
comment Did Indiana Jones kill anyone besides the sword-swinger?
Are you asking about a particular film (Raiders of the Lost Ark), or simply specifying which film the (known killed) character appeared in?
comment How can Batman run and climb in the pits without his knee brace?
@Alex - If you have a torn ACL (Anterior c-something Ligament), it can be repaired surgically. The ligament has to be completely replaced, though - I've heard of cadaver ligaments being used, or the patient's own hamstrings might be substituted. With modern techniques, you're recovered after 2 weeks (barring additional time for physical therapy). And personally, I find it more likely that Bane didn't actually break his back - he just mis-aligned some vertebrae.
comment Why was plot of Mars replaced in Total Recall (2012)?
Agreed. Although even in the (original) movie, I kept feeling that the trip to Mars wasn't the important bit, it was the memory modification/question of reality.
comment Fox's analysis of the Bat
A neutron bomb would also kill Batman from the radiation, in something like a few hours/days, plus leave the bat itself radioactively 'hot'.