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comment Why is Tom Hanks firing at the tank in Saving Pvt. Ryan?
I always assumed that he was aiming for the barrel, hoping for the ultra unlikely chance to hit the tanks explosive projectile (I don't know if that is technically possible). Look at his aim when he fires the last shot, right when the tank is destroyed. I thought of that scene as that it leaves it open to the viewer if Miller somehow contributed to destroying the tank. But your answer is probably correct.
comment What purpose did Quaid serve Cohagen as an Average Joe on the assembly line?
I like it in general, but i think Cohagen is just not the person that would invest considerable resources just because he "cares" about someone. Also, as good as Quaids fake-wife played (and maybe enjoyed) her role, she most likely did not plan to do it for the rest of her/his life wouldn't she? Why give Quaid a wife in the first place? I really have to watch the 1990 version again...
comment Martial Arts movie where fight takes place in gym
There is a fight scene in sort of a gym in "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story", but if i remember correctly it doesn't match your description.
comment What Disney animated film was the first to feature blood?
You may want to specify if you mean blood in general, or in the context of violence. But judging from a quick google search, even several of the Pixar movies seem to "contain" blood. Finding Nemo for example, where Dory gets a nosebleed. And i bet there were several others before "Up".
comment Identify older than 1995 sci-fi movie with an alien referred to as Xenomorph
I can't see why this isn't a totally valid "identify this movie" question, so please leave a comment if you down-vote and explain what should be improved.