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comment Are the events depicted in FX's Fargo TV series really true?
Joel and Ethan have talked about this directly. A lot of viewers, when they are watching something fictional, will feel very clever when they deem something in it to be far-fetched or improbable. "I liked it, but I found X or Y hard to believe". Truth is stranger than fiction, in part because people are far less forgiving of improbability in fiction. Joel and Ethan thought the film would be more impactful with that disclaimer. And of course they made it tongue-in-cheek with the laying-it-on "exactly as it occurred" phrasing.
comment Is Peggy really to blame for all those dead people?
Peggy mirrors Jerry, not Grimsrud. Hanzee somewhat mirrors Grimsrud but evolved via Malvo. I think both these facts are pretty obvious and not at all hidden. Anyway Peggy's faults are exactly those of Jerry: faced with adversity or disappointment, she only feels pity for herself and bitterness that she is a "victim". The diametric opposite of Marge is not Grimsrud, it's Jerry. The contrast between her/Lou's heroism and Jerry/Peggy's failure is that Marge and Lou do face real adversity, but in the face of it they find purpose in others. Their self-actualization is outward, not inward.
comment Why did Lord Baelish betray Eddard Stark?
There are of course other reasons to want Stannis off the throne. Mainly: Stannis is an insane religious extremist who burns people alive. While Joffrey enjoyed killing the innocent as a matter of sport, the bloodthirsty religious inquisition that Stannis could have brought with him would be viewed by many as the greater of two evils. Indubitably, Beaelish acts according to the Objectivist principle (capital O), but it's not hard to see that not-living-under-a-brutal-theocracy would be in most people's self-interest (especially bordello owners), regardless of political ambition.
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