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comment Is the Unix operating system featured in Jurassic Park real?
IMHO, the best Unix file browser in 1993 was on NeXTSSTEP and is what is on today's MacOS, but I guess for the general public the one in the picture looks better.
comment Minimum or Maximum Movie Running Time Limits?
There is no set limit AFAIK, BUT around 2:00hr is generally considered the maximum (with exceptions of course), as that allows for two evening shows. If the movie was 2:30 that makes having two evening shows difficult, taking into account that most people usually work until 5:00PM.
comment Why was the surgery pod configured only for men in Prometheus?
Interesting observation...
comment Why does America's Got Talent have so many executive producers?
Adding to Nobby's answer, anything with the executive in title don't normally have much to do with the actual physical production -- they are usually more in the financial/accounting management side of things.
comment Why do Bollywood movies have song and dance sequences?
For some reason musicals are a popular format and make money over there. This was the case in North America in the 40's and 50's.
comment In what order should a newcomer watch Star Wars episodes?
Interesting, but still the correct way to watch them is in the order of release. But depending on the age of the viewer, that might be a good way to go as then it ends with an upbeat tone.
comment Why does Obi-Wan say that he'll become more powerful if Vader kills him?
I believe the prediction you are referring to is in Episode two, when Obi-Wan says to Anakin "Why do I get the feeling you'll be the death of me".
comment Identify this alien invasion movie with invisible aliens
Part of that reminds me of The Happening trailers (did not see the movie), and also Spielberg's War of The Worlds.
comment Identify an old movie about analyzing a dream
Reading this question made me think of Dreamscape even though it was in the 80s.
comment Where did the chicken come from?
I am assuming it was not the same place as where the chicken comes from in Family Guy every now and then? :-)
comment Why did Alan Parker disown Angel Heart (1987)?
It would think that it would be very rare case for a director to disown his film due to it graphic nature, assuming of course it was his choice to put it in. But perhaps the fact that it had to be cut to get the R rating -- Directors don't like others "directing" how the film should look.
comment Do the biopic-ized people get paid for being represented in their respective biopic movies?
I find this hard to believe that any "public" figure would need to be paid to do a bio pic on them. The estate of Amy Winehouse is not obligated in any way to license her music, but that does not mean that you can't do a bio pic (obviously won't be as good without that).