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comment Why do they go to the toilet and put the hose in it to breathe?
Nice answer and I think this addresses the general question of how/why you could find air in a toilet's plumbing. Note though, at least in the movie scene setup, there didn't appear to be main vent pipes. The toilets were against a short wall of sorts without any walls/pipes leading to the ceiling. I'd guess the writers used this type of explanation and separately the set designers didn't account for how it might actually work.
comment How did they make the Inception sound?
Thanks for the additional information. I added more spellings (BRAAM, BRAMMS, and BRAAMS) referencing the IndieWire articles. I guess there are two parts to the question--how was the sound made and how was it designed (so +1 for the conception of the Inception sound). Mike Zarin explains the idea and collaboration for the sound, but do you think it was still an oscillator + subwoofer?
comment How did they make the Inception sound?
That too, but that's probably a harder question for StackExchange's format. :-)
comment How did they make the Inception sound?
+1 and accepted, the pictures help. :-) I'll add variations to bwaaah to the question to help anyone else wondering the same.