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Studying Software Engineering at Sheffield Hallam.

Studied: C++ (Not a fan), C#, VB.NET, SQL, HTML, CSS, Some Java and Some Python.

I enjoy reading and going to the cinema, I also enjoy playing computer games and a self confessed geek. I like learning about the newest technology breakthroughs and try to keep my coding standard to the newest one. I read a lot about technology and have a news feed on my Google news for it.

I am hoping to get in to some web development sometime soon. So you might be seeing me more often.

comment Why was the “Green” removed from “Green Arrow”?
I like how the Luthur Mansion in Smallville is actually the Queen Mansion in Arrow haha. +1 for this answer
comment In Prometheus, is Meredith Vickers a human or android?
One of the team members asked her in the film. And after a little banter between then she invited him back to her room. I would think the team member might have had something to say if he well you know she was an android