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mmm...delicious cheese, oh and I design and build large video-on-demand systems, but let's get back to the cheese...

comment What is the content of the new Amazon Fire TV advert on Youtube?
Sorry no I don't.
comment How did they create The Shadow's disguise?
Titanic did facial substitution in 1997, the bit where there's running through corridors with water chasing them.
comment Actor appearing in ITV (Uk tv) 118-118 ident
No idea who it is sorry but I just thought you might be interested to know that those shorts before and after the advertisement window are technically called 'Interstitials' but are referred to as 'Bumpers' by most in the industry.
comment Did Rose die at the end of Titanic, or was she dreaming?
I can recall reading that script on a London tube in the mid-90's and when it gets to the end pages being borderline tearful - so I knew how powerful the finished film would be.
comment How could Carl run or jump when he is using apparatus for his walking?
Because it's a film for kids?
comment Actors acting the real actors inside a movie?
Wow, quite the jump, quite the shark...
comment The 'same landscape shot' conundrum
@DavidHarkness I think it was just an editing error myself, two editors dipping into the same 'bin' - just wondered if anyone had their own thoughts
comment The 'same landscape shot' conundrum
@shane, I do have very good visual memory, maybe not photographic but I was paying particular attention as I'm very interested in Iceland and have visited many times - so was looking out for footage, when the second shot appeared I immediately thought 'oh they're the same planet' and expected it to be addressed in the film, in fact it was the thing I was thinking about the most throughout - so it's not that I've got a super memory particularly, it just leapt out at me and thus I consciously kept it in mind as an unanswered question.
comment The 'same landscape shot' conundrum
@Nobby, my thoughts too.
comment Why is James Bond less tech savvy in the Daniel Craig movies?
I know there is a real one but the one on the movie had was huge, had multiple floors, could be driven around/through and wasn't destroyed by a huge space laser that could blow up land.
comment What is the relationship between the three intertwined stories of The Fountain?
Agreed, I have the book/comic and just took another look, I'm pretty sure it's the 'spirits' of these two people that are locked together through time not their actual bodies.