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James Tomasino

James Tomasino is a Gypsy born in Virginia in 1980. Since then he’s lived in Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, South Carolina, New Jersey again, Indiana, Alaska, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey yet again, New York, Pennsylvania one more time, New Jersey x4, and Pennsylvania (in that order). I lost count too.

Next up he hopes to move out of the United States and become an expat in Iceland.

He holds a Masters in Media Arts and Science from Indiana University and has worked in Interactive Media since the mid 2000s on clients ranging from Verizon to Sesame Street, the Department of Environmental Conservation to the WWF, from 20th Century Fox to the Home Depot, AstraZeneca to Bayer, and many more in between.

In addition to his background in technology, he is an avid writer, explored a religious vocation as a Jesuit, is an Eagle Scout, Navy Veteran, and can balance chairs on his chin.

You can find him all over the web:

Portfolio – http://www.jamestomasino.com

Personal Blog – http://www.tomasinoblog.com

Techy Labs Blog – http://labs.tomasino.org

Web Presence – http://www.tomasino.org