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256th Generalist badge. It really should be gold :)

I'm now a Product Manager, but before that I programmed professionally for over a decade.

I programmed mostly in C# (for about 7 years), though occasionally in a myriad of other tongues (Python for 2 years, Javascript for 2.5 years, Java for 1 year, C++ for a few years, C, VB.Net, batch scripts, Lua, Lisp, various DSLs).

I have written a whole bunch of automation for all sorts of programming tasks (long-running back end and batch processes, database migrations, code generation, code refactoring, CI, deployment infrastructure, test case generation, test lab/deployment automation infrastructure, and a whole boat load of automated E2E, integration, and unit tests).

I've done mostly web programming lately, with a little game programming on the side.

I dig Open Source Software.

comment Why does George Mcfly employ Biff to wax his car after he had previously tried to rape his wife?
-1; I don't agree with this assessment at all. If you can offer specific evidence (tropes, allusions in the movie to interest in males, specific manner of dress considered homosexual in 1985, specific behavior considered FEMININE and not just submissive in American culture in 1985, etc) of him being explicitly depicted as homosexual, I'll remove my downvote. Until then I will just assume it is just your personal concepts and stereotypes speaking rather than any evidence in the movie.
comment Why does George Mcfly employ Biff to wax his car after he had previously tried to rape his wife?
@poepje: The main article is accurate. It's community contributed content, so not all of it is going to be accurate. Feel free to go fix those examples :)
comment Shutter Island - missing glass scene
"water prints" are usually called "a ring". As in, "the glass left a ring" or "there are rings on the furniture because people refuse to use a coaster". They're also sometimes called "water rings" or "water stains", especially if they become permanent.
comment Is the movie in Skinner's Sense of Snow based off a real film?
@JoelSpolsky: That's just the title of the episode. According to Wikipedia, there's no other references to Smilla's besides the title. He's talking about a short film as one of the scenes in the episode.