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Java Programmer - Specialize in chat-based software(bots, clients, servers) but have a wide spectrum of Java capabilities. Web Design - HTML, CSS, Javascript. Comfortable in all. Graphics - Photoshop. Highly experienced. Icons, logos, signatures, wallpapers/backgrounds, interface design, conceptual art, photography, vectors. Server-side - Apache(Ubuntu, Vista), MySQL, PHP Linux - Ubuntu LAMP server(manual setup; not with PHPMyAdmin, etc)

Batch/MS-DOS scripting - Advanced AutoHotKey Macros/scripting - Intermediate Google Chrome Extensions - Basic

Knowledge in protocols in raw format: HTTP, TCP, SMTP, ICE(chat protocol), etc. Strong experience in debugging hardware on PC machines. Comfortable with electronics both hardware and software. Experience with ethical hacking, security, databases.

Email me at virux1337@gmail.com if you need to contact me. You can also find me on HackForums(usually Java section) username 'Virux'

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