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Budding iOS/Mac developer, trying to learn as much as I can from wherever I can, and develop some best practices along the way.

comment Man with two swords fights against several enemies shooting at him
Though in the interests of completeness, the song used in at least that particular segment would be a track that seems to be used in a good bit o' media from the group E.S. Posthumus, most recently used in the Sherlock Holmes film trailers.
comment How was the earth changed into trash and why did B&L take everybody to the spaceship in Wall-E?
Agreed with everyone else; the entire movie explains all the questions you've asked here.
comment Good guy defeats bad guy in a virtual reality resembling Half-life
Thank you for giving me a movie to watch to kill some time! I think I may have seen it when I was younger myself since it was on UPN at around that time. If the answer is correct, please make sure to accept it!