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I need to think of something clever to put here.

comment Sense of the “Vessel has to say 'yes'” system?
I do not believe this to be the case at all. Lucifer would take a vessel if he could, there is some mechanism (presumably magical) that prevents it. Whatever that mechanism is, it's naive. Coerced consent is sufficient. This may hint even at how "free will" works in the Supernatural universe (or for that matter, the writers' own personal opinions on how it works in the real world).
comment Why is Phantasm II available on Bluray while the other movies in this series are not?
Thanks for the explanation. I'll keep my fingers crossed with you.
comment Does Bollywood title their movies using the Latin alphabet or the Devanagari alphabet?
Thank you for your answer.
comment When Paulie attacked Rocky in the parking garage in Rocky III, was Rocky trying to win?
I asked for this to be migrated because it seemed like a legitimate question asked in good faith, I did not want it closed. Please don't be offended.
comment Was this scene ever filmed in Police Academy (1984) or am I just imagining it?
@JohnP I'm not sure the scene exists... now that I know what I do about MPAA ratings and all that, it's just absurd to think that it could ever have made it through with only an R. But I do remember it, so I'm trying to figure out if I really do remember it or only think that I do.
comment Do feature-length animation studios reanimate characters' mouths for foreign language dubs?
@NapoleonWilson Well, I had that thought too, but then I wondered if Pixar had some funky software-fu that might make that a semi-automated process. It wouldn't require rerendering every frame after all, or in most cases rendering even the entire frame.
comment Hollywood movie in which females capture males for breeding stock?
@FredH I chose that euphemism because it seemed less vulgar. Unless they wanted the men's gametes to put on a microscope slide, the meaning is identical.
comment Why does Thor try to break out of the cage?
Nitpick: It's Aesir. Not Asgardians. At least in mythology. Who knows about the subliterate comic books.