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I need to think of something clever to put here.

comment When Paulie attacked Rocky in the parking garage in Rocky III, was Rocky trying to win?
I asked for this to be migrated because it seemed like a legitimate question asked in good faith, I did not want it closed. Please don't be offended.
comment Was this scene ever filmed in Police Academy (1984) or am I just imagining it?
@JohnP I'm not sure the scene exists... now that I know what I do about MPAA ratings and all that, it's just absurd to think that it could ever have made it through with only an R. But I do remember it, so I'm trying to figure out if I really do remember it or only think that I do.
comment Do feature-length animation studios reanimate characters' mouths for foreign language dubs?
@NapoleonWilson Well, I had that thought too, but then I wondered if Pixar had some funky software-fu that might make that a semi-automated process. It wouldn't require rerendering every frame after all, or in most cases rendering even the entire frame.
comment Hollywood movie in which females capture males for breeding stock?
@FredH I chose that euphemism because it seemed less vulgar. Unless they wanted the men's gametes to put on a microscope slide, the meaning is identical.
comment Why does Thor try to break out of the cage?
Nitpick: It's Aesir. Not Asgardians. At least in mythology. Who knows about the subliterate comic books.