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I am a moderator on Super User and Fitness.SE.

For any questions/concerns/problems or reason to contact me, you can email me at: ivo.superuser AT gmail DOT com

Also, the easiest way to get any moderator attention to any question, post, or comment is to flag for moderator attention and explain what the issue is.

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comment How can a movie from 1987 be better in HD than SD?
Could you elaborate on what you base this claim? Any examples of movies that are better in HD than SD?
comment What is the significance of Jesus/Christianity?
Which version of Hellraiser, because there are a whole bunch of them
comment In which scene is the White Van in Braveheart?
While I understand the fun in this question, I hope we're not going to hold this kind of question for every movie that has errors like these in it.
comment What are the Ghost of Christmas Present's Brothers?
He wouldn't mean Past and Future by any chance?
comment Are there different endings to Cloverfield?
It would be great if we had a screenshot of this
comment Can someone explain the sequence of events in 'Primer'?
Care to summarize the image a little bit, because I now have to trust you to know that its a great answer ( which I believe it is)