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comment What's up with the Marine uniforms in this episode of Scorpion?
This answer is pure speculation. Do you have any references to cite?
comment What kind of apparatus is Bane's mask?
Actually it was the CIA Agent played by Aidan Gillen (of Game of Thrones fame) who said those lines not one of the mercenaries.
comment Is the water mill when O-Ren and the Bride fight a homage to some movie scene?
Tarantino is a huge fan of the Spaghetti Western genre, especially Once upon a time in the West, so that makes sense to me.
comment What style of make up does Dethklok wear when performing?
The reason they wear it is the same that any band adds theatricality to their stage performances, to add something to draw the fans. That's not what I'm asking, I just want to know if there is a name for that style of make up, either general or specific (preferably specific)
comment Why does Bourne get headaches?
It also appears that there is some actual physical modification of the individuals that will be shown in detail/elaborated upon in the new Bourne Legacy film. Rachel Weiss' character is a scientist involved in the physical modifications of Treadstone/Black Briar/Outcome projects
comment What happened to Bruce Wayne/Batman's knee?
The problem with the answer "It's from the fall at the end of The Dark Knight" is that in the scene in The Dark Knight Rises where he has his knee x-rayed and the doctor explains that he has destroyed all the cartilage in his knee is that a single fall would not damage cartilage like that. The way the doctor described it as scar tissue build up would indicate that it was from long term abuse of his leg, not a single injury. While the fall from the scaffolding may have exaserbated the issue, chances are due to the rigorous training and constant stress he had been placing on his body there was a