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M.Sc. (computer science) 😻 enthusiast programmer 😻 network administrator / developer in the GameSurge IRC network 😻 Gamer 😻 Concert photographer (mostly metal)

For anyone who considers looking for my email address and emailing me about his programming problem like this guy:

I just came across your profile on Stackoverflow. I hope this isn't
too intrusive but I desperately need some help with Python.
I'm new to programming and I'm currently trying to tackle two very
basic questions which I'm seriously struggling with.

NO, I will NOT help you in private. The fact that my website is not a programming site or personal technical blog should be reason enough for you not to use its contact form (or an email listed there) to contact me.

comment What horror movie feature a rock concert on an airplane?
Not a horror movie though. More like the typical hijack action movie plus some heavy metal and some horrible stereotypes.
suggested rejected edit on Is CBFC certificate required for Hollywood movies before release in India?
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