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comment Why did American History X end so unexpectedly?
Great answer - it's also worth noting that this was a somewhat troubled production (AFAIK). Tony Kaye tried to get his name removed, for example. I consider this a case of conflict creating great art.
comment European movie were camera is just focussed on a doorway in a house/apartment
My immediate thought was Cache too. Sounds like a near perfect fit (for the original short description)!
comment Why not use drones to repair attack drones in Oblivion?
During the film, it's stated that when the 'aliens' first arrive, the alien army is actually made up of Tom Cruise clones - which raises the question, why bother with the false memories at all? Apparently the clone army was fine fighting alongside other clones against fellow humans. Oops, wrecked the whole film's premise in one line of dialog.