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comment What is the age difference between Frasier and Niles?
I found the source for Niles' age. Episode 3.11, "The Friend", aired January 16 1996. "I mean after all I've only been your brother for…[looking at watch]…38 years now." That puts Niles' birth pretty squarely in 1957, making him indeed five years younger than Frasier.
comment What was Benedick and Beatrice's relationship?
Thanks for the recommendation! Whedon's version was similarly easy to follow, even though it used the original text word-for-word. You might enjoy it. It's just the exact wording that's difficult, like you said.
comment In the Avengers movie, why did the Chitauri troops die almost instantly when the portal closed?
Nuclear "blasts" are transmitted by matter. Radiation might come through the portal, but there's no mass wave to be transmitted.
comment How do the Dallas movies fit between the old and new shows?
You're correct that I'm asking two questions. I've removed the second question. As for the producers' statement, I'm not particularly interested in official continuity policy. I'm interested in what's been executed, on screen, which may or may not match that stated policy.
comment When did the writers decide that Dallas season 9 was a dream?
So the actors didn't know it was a dream up until it aired, and even plot points added late in the season were intended to be resolved. That sounds like every moment of the season right up until the reveal was intended to be reality, with not a single purposeful hint of dream.
comment Why is it impossible for women to impregnate on the Island and survive the whole pregnancy?
No, the answer at the end of the series was that it was all real. Only the alternate-reality scenes from season 6 took place after they all died.