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I work at the University of New South Wales, where I use Ruby to analyze biological data.

In part of my spare time, I work on fun programming projects. One was trying to analyze what underlies Wikipedia's Get to Philosophy game. I also worked on one called the "Small Eigen Collider".

I'm currently learning Japanese, and I'm an active participant in lang-8.com, a website where you write journal entries in a language you're learning, and get corrected by native speakers of that language. In return, you correct people writing entries in your native language. Recently, I've been asking a few questions prompted by slightly incorrect English I've encountered on lang-8.

comment Do “American” military movies generally profit outside of the US?
I wonder how "Pearl Harbor" went in Japan, or other military films in the "enemy"'s country (assuming they have an active film market).
comment Equivalent of 555 for IP addresses
"UN*X" is now officially an operating system! (Or maybe they didn't want to use a trademark, just like the rest of us)
comment Equivalent of 555 for IP addresses
I used "realism" as a tag, but it's more trying to avoid being real. Any suggestions?
comment Do Piranhas exists in the real world?
@ChristianRau LMGTFY is pretty frowned upon in the Stack Exchange community, and is banned on a software level in some sites.
comment What do actors actually inhale when they snort cocaine or smoke crack?
Is a human doing the inhaling in the clip above?
comment Why do some actors in credits appear as - Character (As Actor)
Example: Arnold Schwarzenegger was "Arnold Strong" in "Hercules in New York". imdb.com/name/nm0000216/#Actor
comment Was Transformers 3 once named “Dark Side of the Moon”?
As well as the Pink Floyd album, there's also a French mockumentary and a sci fi horror film, presumably named after the Pink Floyd album.