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I work at the University of New South Wales, where I use Ruby to analyze biological data.

In part of my spare time, I work on fun programming projects. One was trying to analyze what underlies Wikipedia's Get to Philosophy game. I also worked on one called the "Small Eigen Collider".

I'm currently learning Japanese, and I'm an active participant in lang-8.com, a website where you write journal entries in a language you're learning, and get corrected by native speakers of that language. In return, you correct people writing entries in your native language. Recently, I've been asking a few questions prompted by slightly incorrect English I've encountered on lang-8.

comment Do kidnappers typically use authentication by newspaper?
@mattiav27 the video I saw just has hostages holding up a hand-written date, which can be easily faked. Did I miss something?
comment Why is it always the same type of beer cup used in college-style movies/series?
This is like an Australian asking why so many movies feature driving on the right hand side of the road.
comment Do “American” military movies generally profit outside of the US?
I wonder how "Pearl Harbor" went in Japan, or other military films in the "enemy"'s country (assuming they have an active film market).
comment Equivalent of 555 for IP addresses
"UN*X" is now officially an operating system! (Or maybe they didn't want to use a trademark, just like the rest of us)
comment Equivalent of 555 for IP addresses
I used "realism" as a tag, but it's more trying to avoid being real. Any suggestions?
comment Do Piranhas exists in the real world?
@ChristianRau LMGTFY is pretty frowned upon in the Stack Exchange community, and is banned on a software level in some sites.
comment What do actors actually inhale when they snort cocaine or smoke crack?
Is a human doing the inhaling in the clip above?
comment Why do some actors in credits appear as - Character (As Actor)
Example: Arnold Schwarzenegger was "Arnold Strong" in "Hercules in New York". imdb.com/name/nm0000216/#Actor
comment Was Transformers 3 once named “Dark Side of the Moon”?
As well as the Pink Floyd album, there's also a French mockumentary and a sci fi horror film, presumably named after the Pink Floyd album.