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comment Whiskey in US movies out of plain glass decanters. A movie or culture thing?
@P.R. - yeah, it's nothing to do with advertising. Serving expensive whiskey (scotch, probably single malt, it would never be bourbon) from a labelled bottle was seen as 'showing off' to some extent. Upper class Brits generally hide brand labels (or used to) and expected you to spot that the item was of a very high quality (showing that you were cultured too). If you don't spot it then that's your problem. Conspicuous use of brands would mark you out as nouveau riche. There are plenty of antique whiskey decanters about that are significantly older than celluloid.
comment Whiskey in US movies out of plain glass decanters. A movie or culture thing?
@user45891 or even the original House of Cards in a similar context.
comment Why do many movie titles differ between the U.S. and the UK?
That's a very odd one. The Philosopher's Stone is a mythical object outside of Harry Potter, while a sorcerer's stone isn't anything at all. I would have thought that the Englishness of Harry Potter was part of the appeal for Americans, and they wouldn't want to read an Americanised version any more that I want to read an Anglicised Tom Sawyer.
comment Why are movies so different from the original books?
The Hunger Games exposes another issue - the books are aimed at young adults and include some very adult themes: war, murder, state oppression, massacres of children and the like (especially the 3rd book). When they made the film they want the same audience and so need a 12 rating, but as films are so much more graphic they have to nerf the source to do so. Clockwork Orange suffered from a similar problem even with an 18 certificate. Books rely on imagination, and so are less of a 'risk' for people who can't visualise the violence. With films you can always visualise the violence.
comment How did the engineer enter the locked ship?
@NickT That's awesome! I want it on my car :-)
comment What was the motivation behind the Engineers actions in Prometheus?
You didn't miss anything, I don't think you're supposed to know from the film. The pilgrims didn't explain to the original Americans why they were giving them diseased blankets. The Spanish didn't explain to the Aztecs about their horses and guns. Contact with a massively more advanced culture is always going to be baffling.
comment How to explain the discrepancies between the end of Prometheus and the beginning of Alien?
You say there's no evidence that they're different planets. There's even less evidence that they're the same planet. The only similarity between the two worlds is that both have a crashed space jockey ship on them. The ships have different cargos, one has a chest-burst space jockey in it, the other a dead octogenarian billionare and a company-built escape pod crashed next to it. What makes you think they're the same planet?