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comment Is Irene Adler alive?
"I'm not hungry, let's have dinner". Is she really asking him to meet her for dinner?
comment What is the symbolism of eating Chinese take-out in a scene?
Whenever I saw it in movies/on tv, it seemed like a shorthand for being relaxed, casual (eg eating straight out of boxes), and having fun with a group of friends. It seems to be quite an American thing, at least from my Kiwi viewpoint. (I think only in the last 5-10 years I have seen Chinese food being sold in fold-up boxes, otherwise it comes in plastic trays, in my local area anyway.) It seems people have Chinese food delivered to eat at home, while burgers are eaten while sitting down in a shop. Hot dogs = community occasions, kebabs = only while drunk.
comment Movie about a girl who can make everthing real
@Ankit Sharma Eric Brown had already answered it, I was just being pedantic!
comment Movie about a girl who can make everthing real
She doesn't die in a home robbery but by falling into a flooded stream while crossing it on a swing rope.
comment Kids TV show with a flying couch
I showed my (20-year-old) son this, and he sang me the theme song!
comment Why does Mycroft meet John in so many different locations?
At least one location was used for a laugh: Battersea Power Station. [...] Ostensibly, they are here because the dilapidated early 20th-century grandeur of the power station – with its glowing walnut parquet floors, 20ft windows and rows of clockwork chrome dials – makes one of the most exquisite TV location-shoot interiors in Britain. In reality, however, it’s hard to shake the suspicion everyone’s here because Moffat and Gatiss could not resist the lure of a single one-liner: summoned to Battersea by Mycroft, Watson notes, drily, “He’s got a power complex.” (Caitlin Moran)
comment Man gives boy and girl an egg which begins to grow warm
coleopterist - thanks for sorting out my links!
comment Do the Doctors in the Doctor Who series identified themselves well?
Do you mean, did the various incarnations of the Doctor make it clear to humans that they weren't human? I believe they certainly never tried to hide it.
comment Imaginary friend from childhood returns when a young woman is in trouble
Oh, I remember this movie! Loved the bit where he wakes the little girl up so they can be burglars together. "I made your jersey stripey!"
comment Help me find an old childrens VHS
Probably not what you're looking for, but this question reminded me of Woolly Valley nzonscreen.com/title/woolly-valley-1981
comment Why does Stan Lee play random extras in Marvel films?
Peter Jackson does something similar - just for fun.
comment What was the first movie to introduce “blue wire or red wire” bomb disposal?
Be careful reading TV tropes - remember to eat and sleep!
comment Why does the werewolf exhale a green mist?
Thank you for this. After watching other episodes, I agree with you, it doesn't matter. Possibly his breath catching a green light. And yes, there is a pilot episode: imdb.com/title/tt1349938/episodes?season=1
comment How did Sherlock survive the fall?
I have been told that the hospital that Holmes jumps off is not one with an A&E dept, but only has labs and similar, therefore the medics who rush Holmes off on a stretcher are likely to be in on his plan (Baker St Irregulars in costume, etc). Can anyone confirm/deny this? Can't remember where I heard or read it, sorry - have been looking! (Hope I didn't dream it!)
comment Why does the werewolf exhale a green mist?
Thanks for the tagging. I'm not sure about plot inconsistency - just because I haven't noticed it, doesn't mean it didn't happen.