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I'm an avid programming enthusiast and developer and I'm Oracle certified on Java SE & ME (OCJP and OCMAD). Also proficient in Python and VB. Hates but uses UML a lot. Kinda great on C++ development. And just started and doing well on QML Cascades.

I'm a huge fan of BlackBerry 10 and have submitted 6 apps (most of 'em native) for BB10 (Roshnal Lihinikadu - BlackBerry World) and currently developing a lot more.

Also I'm a seasoned Android developer (Cuibono Studios) & also develop for Ubuntu (Sukaro).

As for non-technological things, I love books, movies and music videos a lot. Hates sports.

Me on twitter: @roshnal15

Foursquare: Roshnal Lihinikadu

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