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Lua/Corona SDK developer with background in C#, C++, XNA, Prolog, DirectX, OpenGL/GLSL with SDL.

I create entertainment software for your personal computing machines and mobile telephony gadgetry.

Avid roleplayer and curator of all things tabletop RPG. Have played Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and 4e, Call Of Cthulhu, All Flesh must be Eaten, Everway, Pathfinder, Vampire: The Masquerade, Changeling: The Lost, Geist: The Sin-Eaters, Fallout, and have read Nobilis, Cyberpunk 2020, The Burning Wheel, Lord of the Rings RPG, Legend of the Five Rings, Mechanical Dream, Aria: Canticle of the Monomyth, Discworld GURPS, Blue Rose, Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye), Dragon Age RPG, A Game of Thrones RPG, Wheel of Time RPG, Grimm RPG, Blue Planet, Eclipse Phase, and Gamma World.

I also like marshmallows.

comment What’s with the “dead” characters at the end?
I feel making it more spiritual would elude the feel of the movie and would distract. To be specific, I think it would hint to the paranormal in a more obvious way than them physically being there, and that would alienate the audience. (if they, for example, appeared as ghosts or apparitions there). It wouldn't be fitting.
comment Explanation of the ending of A Clockwork Orange
This is important - have you read the book yourself? I would love to gain some insight into what the original meaning, feeling and interpretation behind the book is, and how the movie misdirected the viewer's perspective on the story.
comment Explanation of the ending of A Clockwork Orange
A very interesting view on the matter, and certainly food for thought. Thank you.