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comment How come the Precogs can't prevision the murder of Agent Danny Witwer in the film Minority report?
At the beginning of the film we're shown a crime of passion, where the prediction comes a very short time before the attempted murder. Perhaps Burgess's murder of Witwer was a similar spur-of-the-moment decision, where the precogs wouldn't have had much time to foresee it. Remember that the murder only came about because (a) the precogs were offline, and (b) Witwer was beginning to figure out what was going on. Had (b) in particular not happened, Burgess might not have decided to shoot him at that moment.
comment Who hired Malcolm Crowe?
This seems overly harsh. When you're dreaming, do you realize it at the time? Do you notice that your dream has no beginning or history? Do you notice things that seem out of place? It doesn't seem unreasonable to suppose that Crowe's dead state is similar, but even more so.
comment What is the most expensive scene ever shot?
The last date the answer was edited gives a great indicator of how recent or out-of-date it is.
comment Why do movie coroners eat while they do an autopsy?
Dead bodies aren't as unhygienic as you might think. Here's a Wikipedia article on the subject: Health risks from dead bodies Basically, unless the person was killed by a contagious and deadly disease, dead bodies pose no health risk. The article points out that "Microorganisms involved in the decay process (putrefaction) are not pathogenic."
comment Similarities of Pixar and Dreamworks: any published explanation?
Flushed Away is about a rat who cooks? Shrek is about professional scarers? I think these movies aren't as similar as you suggest.
comment What is the game the kids of Lenny are playing in the TV in the movie Grown Ups?
Reign Over Me has fake video games? The main video game I recall from that movie is Shadow of the Colossus, which is a real game.
comment Why do many movie titles differ between the U.S. and the UK?
I'm picturing my countrymen scratching their heads: "Wait a second, when did The Madness of King George I and II come out?"
comment Is there an alternative cut of The Truman Show?
I saw The Truman Show in a movie theater in the U.S., and didn't see any of those scenes. But if the film got a PG rating, then that probably explains it. I can't see getting a PG with scenes about sex or alcoholism.
comment Why these credits for Star Trek Into Darkness?
Maybe he'd heard recordings of his father's voice?
comment What are all of the chinese phrases in Firefly/Serenity?
I've watched Firefly with subtitles, and it just says something like "[Chinese]" for those parts.
comment Name of the Paladins' weapons?
@ChristianRau, at a guess, SteB cares how it's named, and that's why he/she asked the question. If trivial questions are off-topic here, the whole site will have to be closed. It's about movies, for Pete's sake.
comment Scary movie about spiders
Well, now I know what my nightmares will be about tonight.
comment In “Prometheus” why bring anyone but David-type androids?
Because the movie would be boring? Compare with The Phantom Menace's battle between the droids and the Gungans. It was boring, because it was CG vs CG. A movie has to have real people to be interesting.
comment Are real guns used in movies?
The gun information is interesting, but the "Freeway Chase" information is gratuitous and detracts from the answer. You ought to consider removing it.
comment Did James Bond fail his mission in “Skyfall”?
He promises to protect the woman who introduces him to Silva - she dies. Did she in fact die? I thought the whisky(?) glass fell because she fainted or something.
comment Why was the Avengers movie called something different in the UK?
Movie people seem to have a paranoia about this sort of thing. Witness The Secret of NIMH, where Mrs. Frisby was renamed "Mrs. Brisby" to avoid infringing on the Frisbee(!) trademark.
comment At the end of the movie, does Aunt May know Peter Parker is Spiderman?
I was waiting for her to open the carton and see that all the eggs were smashed.
comment Why doesn't the bomb cause radiation poisoning to Gotham City?
Now the real question: Will the radiation poisoning spawn a whole new crop of supervillains?
comment in Skyfall opening scene on train, does Bond fake getting shot?
If Bond were going to intentionally throw himself off the train, why not grab hold of the bad guy and throw them both off the train?
comment How did Indy know not to look into the Ark?
Good answer, but I think you should move the biblical reference to the top. You could also add a reference to 2 Samuel 6:6-8, which refers to a man who died from touching the ark. As a scholar, Indiana Jones would have been familiar with the biblical passages, and wouldn't have needed a warning from an imam; perhaps that's why they cut it.