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2013 Chinese-American martial arts film directed by and starring Keanu Reeves partly inspired by the life of Reeves' friend, stuntman Tiger Chen.
a story about a super-intelligent alien and the supervillain of Metro City who continually battles - and loses - against his nemesis, Metro Man
a 2006 live-action adaptation of the survival horror video game Silent Hill.
A TV series based on Superman's teenage adventures.
1998 American thriller directed by Brian DePalma about an assassination and its aftermath during a boxing match in Atlantic City, taking place largely in real-time.
a 1993 American comedy-horror film starring Mike Myers and Nancy Travis. (The tag has been shortened to fit.)
a comedy-drama which shares the same name in the American and British versions.
a British Zombie comedy film and is the first of the Cornetto trilogy directed by Edgar wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in lead roles.