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to watch over the Cube endeavours to rescue an innocent woman trapped in one of its rooms.
CSI: Miami (Crime Scene Investigation: Miami) is an American police procedural television series . It is the first spin-off of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation(CSI: Las Vegas).
a 2014 crime thriller starring Liam Hemsworth about a videographer who witnesses a murder
1989 American war drama directed by Brian DePalma about the questionable deeds of a US squad during the Vietnam War and a single private's opposition thereof. Based on Daniel Lang's 1969 article in Th…
Caché (distributed as Hidden in the UK and Ireland) is a 2005 French-language thriller written and directed by Michael Haneke. The film stars Daniel Auteuil as Georges and Juliette Binoche as his wife…
2009-2010 - TV Series - Action/Drama/Sci-Fi - Starring Eric Stoltz, Esai Morales, & Paula Malcomson. Prequel to the remade Battlestar Galactica TV Series (2004-2009). Two families live together on Cap…
1974 American neo-noir film, directed by Roman Polanski, and starring Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway, and John Huston.
A 2015 sci-fi film about a robot named Chappie with human emotions