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I think you're talking about the horror flick Mimesis from 2011 where a bunch of horror fans find themselves stuck in the original Night of the Living Dead. Here's the trailer.


The silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari from 1920 is thought to be the first depiction of zombies in film. While it doesn't feature the walking dead. The story is about the fantasies of an insane man who has dreams of murdering people. His walk, body motion and make up are the bases of modern day zombies. The first appearance of the popular North ...


Mutant Chronicles, (2008): At the end of the Ice Age, The Machine came from outer space with the purpose to change men into mutants. However, a hero defeated the device and a great seal was laid over The Machine. In 2707, the depleted world is ruled by four Corporations: Mishima, Bauhaus, Capitol and Imperial that are in a constant state of war. ...


Sounds like the romantic zombie comedy My Boyfriend's Back from 1993. From IMDb: Johnny is a teenager like everyone else. He's in love with a beautiful girl named Missy, but he can't tell it to her. One day the shop where Missy works gets robbed and Johnny is killed trying to help. But Johnny doesn't want to stay dead, so he returns to his life like ...


If the students were a boy and a girl and the teacher carries his head around a lot, you probably mean the Amazing Stories episode 'Go To The Head Of The Class' from 1986, starring Christopher Lloyd (who's quite tall) as a loathed teacher cursed by 2 students (the girl is played by Mary Stuart Masterson). He dies and comes back to life with his head ...


A better match than the one I made above would be the zombie film Wicked Little Things (AKA Zombies) with Chloe Grace Moretz from 2006. Here's the cover art: But if you want to see a girl with a teddy bear actually fighting zombies, there's always Nuiguruma Z. ;)


This WSJ article gives insight into the cinematic evolution of zombies, particularly into infection-spreading creatures.

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