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Is it Fear Itself: Season 1, Episode 6 ( New Year's Day ), from IMDb's synopsis all plot-line is matching. Here is full Wikipedia summary of the episode. Even the ending of the episode is matching with your provided details.


The movie you are looking for is probably Infested. I have seen it and I remembered the song("Da Da Da" by Trio). It does not say anything about zombies in the description, but I think that this is the one. I will edit my answer later to provide a trailer or some video. EDIT Here is also the trailer(thanks to VoT): ...


Seems it's Night Life from 1989. All the details are there (teenagers, prom, chemical truck, wood chipper, overpumping someone to death). Beware - graphic images inside: http://www.the-losthighway.com/2013/02/17/night-life-1989/

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