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You see him just before that scene donating a large amount of clothing to a charity. It's his way of taking revenge on the philosophy/person that nearly destroyed his life (but also kind of made it). He just used the blind obedience of the Yes-people to have them donating to the charity. It shows Terrance that he should mention to his followers the stuff he ...


Though it's not clearly shown in the movie, I think Carl introspected a little bit, after Peter's intervention. Carl meets an ex-colleague, Alex, who tells him about the "Yes" seminar which changed his life, and urges Carl to go to this seminar once, and hands him a pamphlet for the same. Carl is not convinced at this point, but keeps the pamphlet. Later, ...


I Found it! The version in the movie is slightly sped up and altered. I knew it from a recognised it from a Chrome Experiment that I had seen years ago. Song: Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - 3 Dreams of Black starring Norah Jones Youtube Link: Chrome Experiment:

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