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In addition to other answers which are mostly based on comics, the below lines from Wikia imply that Sabretooth is indeed Victor Creed in the movie universe, too: On their way, his truck is attacked Sabretooth (a further mutated Victor Creed). Logan tries to battle with him, but is knocked out. Before Sabretooth can do any further damage, he is stopped ...


They did. They managed to reduce the makeup time, from eight hours to three. They did this by only doing makeup on her face/head, but I guess three hours is still too much (would be for me, at least)


It is not shown in any movie explicitly how he is alive. However, as per post credit scenes of movie X-Men Last stand ,he transfered his mind to his evil twin. You can read this another related question Also in the end-credit scenes of The Wolverine, he and Magneto confront Wolverine at the airport where on being asked, "How's this possible?", Prof X. says, ...

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