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Magneto looks at (and shows us) his Nazi concentration camp tattoo at least once. We can assume he is constantly reminded about what humanity did to one another, and to him personally, in the past. Now, in the present, humanity, or non-mutant humans specifically, are attempting to do exactly that same thing. That is, destruction of a minority. The ...


From Magneto's perspective, Stryker's actions were indicative and representative of humanity's perspective concerning mutants. As such, he identified humanity's disillusionment of mutants as being genocidal. Therefore, he saw it as only fair that, with him being mutant's "representative", he would reverse the situation against those of Stryker's yolk.


To me this is a very easy answer. After the events of the early 1970's happened,the mutants and the humans coexisted peacefully. Wolverine,up until mid 1970's happened but the events from the late 1970's at 3 mile Island never happened. Also X Men on(circa 2001) never happened.This means Everyone had no conflicts with each other. Wolverine was the only one ...

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