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Considering that all the X-Files are concerned with paranormal events (aliens, werewolves, sentient computers) and that none of these are what the scientific community will call 'proven' then no, none of it is based in 'fact'. However, episodes quite often are based on common folklore (wild man in the woods, aliens visiting) so, you may find background ...


It is a Maxa Beam searchlight: From the description: The Maxa Beam has been used in motion pictures, television and still photography for over 20 years. The Maxa Beam Searchlight can be seen in movies such as Alien vs. Predator, Blade, The Day After Tomorrow, Demolition Man, Earthquake, Ghost Ship, Gone in 60 Seconds, Jurassic Park (1, 2 & ...


The credits for locations do not list any Maryland locations. However, since there's no indications of how those locations were used, it would be difficult to identify what locations were used to represent UM, short of finding someone who actually recognizes the specific places.


Er, the answer is right on The X Files IMDb aka page: Israel (Hebrew title) (literal English title) Files in the Dark And they pronounce it Tikim b'Afela (source).


The Syndicate and the Super Soldier aliens from season 9 are two separate groups. The Syndicate is destroyed in Season 6 episode arc Two Fathers/One Son by the rebel aliens. After this happens many of the surviving members go underground and continue a counteroffensive attempt to stop the alien invasion but nothing much comes of their attempts. When Mulder ...


They obviously wanted him dead; they don't kill him outright because of the "Martyr effect", which it sounds like you are on board with. So what about the accident you propose...Imagine the Syndicate kills Mulder in a car accident. Or in a plane, or even a carbon monoxide leak. What are the conspiracy theorists going to think? They are going to think that ...


I can't say the X-Files usually would try to follow a real-life story in its episodes. However, in many instances, I noticed the show to get inspiration for episodes from real-life information and feature many interesting facts. They are usually mixed with fiction so it's hard to tell without checking. For example, in Season 1 episode 19 "Darkness Falls", ...


Every single episode in the first five seasons was filmed entirely within the greater Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada. Every single episode in the last four seasons was filmed entirely within Southern California. The only exceptions are the establishing shots of the FBI building and aerial views of DC, both from stock footage.

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