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It may be Mishaela, a minor villain from Shining Force. Same pointy ears and blue skin and belt, though her hair is usually shown as purple and her dress a bit less sexy!


The dress reminds me of a skin for a champion of League of Legends named Evelynn (Slightly NSFW as the character's base skin has very skimpy garments) Though she is not a villain in the game itself, she is known as The Widowmaker and when picked in the game, generally causes a lot of panic to the opponents, as she has a deadly stealth mechanic and is ...


First, let's clear up a misconception. Films don't normally "come out on the same day". It is more common for this to happen nowadays, but many films still have several weeks or months between American release and European/worldwide release. (10 years ago, in the UK we had to wait 6 months in most cases.) There are several reasons why films are released at ...


I think she is a Minor Boss-thing Lady from of the old versions. Her minions tried to kidnap Zelda from Link..

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