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Julia didn't turn into a zombie because she didn't get infected; that scanner never claims that she did. In this case, the scanner is built to answer the question "Is the person I'm scanning infected?". The words "Positive" and "Negative" here aren't representing "good outcome" or "bad outcome", they're merely representing "the answer is yes" or "the answer ...


The other zombies didn't eat Julie because R put some of his blood on her which covered up her scent. He repeats this at least one other time to protect her.


The film was released as something you would want to watch on Valentine's Day. A romance. To give the characters the right state of mind would be to lose some of that romantic essence. Alternatively, I could try saying something relevant to the point, such as, 'there were a lot of zombies around' or 'the car was low on fuel' or 'she began to enjoy this new ...

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