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According to Wikipedia: Paul reveals that he had been taken by the darkness, but the headlight that he had on had activated and he had found himself in the street three days later. and IMDB gives a little more detail: Paul (John Leguizamo) says that his light went off, and that he was hit by somebody from the darkness. He was taken somewhere else ...


I saw this, too. My opinion was it's a flash dream like Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge. Something that feels long or extended, but only happens in a moment. And he was the one taken, not the kid


My feeling was that the man came on way too strong. He tried to barge his way into the car (prompting Luke to lock it), swore loudly and just frankly came across as a massive liability. He stated that he wanted one of Luke's lights (which were roped together and not easy to split up) but he didn't offer any positive reasons why Luke should risk his own neck ...

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