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The movie you're looking for is most probably Daybreakers. I cannot say much to prove my claim, other than that its plot matches your descriptions in pretty much every aspect, as can be seen from the corresponding Wikipedia article.


Firstly, the reason those movies didn't receive as wide a release as others has nothing to do with their respective genres: if we were to say Vampire movies and Alien Movies don't sell, how would we possibly explain the phenomenon's of Twilight and Transformers? The difference, as you may have noticed, is that the above are part of franchises, and as such ...


The name of the movie described above is Dracula II: Ascension made in 2003.


Possibly Love Bites from 1993. From the Wiki recap: Vampire Zachary Simms (Adam Ant) has just awakened in his coffin from a 100 year sleep in the crypt under Kendall's house and comes out through the secret door in her fireplace to face the brave, new world. He soon befriends her. It also takes place in a house with a small set of stairs leading up to ...

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