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The mythology of True Detective is heavily indebted to the collaborative works of early horror -fiction/pulp horror writers, such as Lovecraft, Ligotti and Chambers. David Lynch is an avowed fan of the lore of this genre, and his work is often compared to the style of H.P. Lovecraft himself. That's not to say the two are being deployed as iterations ...


I decided to look into this matter and whilst I can't find any definite proof, there does seem to be a fair amount of circumstantial evidence. First, I'm not the only one to have spotted the link between the name of the Twin Peaks character and title of the later film, M Morse on chud.com in his comprehensive review of Twin Peaks has this to say of the ...


In FWWM, not only does he say "I am the arm", but at the end when Bob shows up with Leland after kiling Laura, he assumes the position of Mike's left arm and they say together "Bob, I want all MY garmonbozia." For Lynch, it doesn't get clearer than that for an answer.


The quick answer: The word 'Tulpa' does not appear anywhere in the Twin Peaks series. The long answer: If the word doesn't appear in the series why would I have such a strong memory of hearing it? In series 2 episode 20, Major Briggs shows Cooper a video tape of Windom Earle where he uses the word 'Dugpa', also of Tibetan origin: ... these evil ...


He simply could have done a long session with Ben while Lana waited in the car....spending 24 hours doesn't necessarily mean every second plus how do we know if she wasn't at the Great Northern waiting for Jacoby to come back


You might try episode two - that's the one where mentions Tibet, having a dream and then throwing the rocks to narrow down suspects.

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