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This is a legal gray area, and can vary from country to country, from state to state. Most states recognize that, if the activity is being recorded objectively and without interference/propagation from the 'director', the film-maker is protected under the first amendment: specifically relating to the freedom of the press. As long as the piece is a ...


In reality http://www.imdb.com/name/nm it depends on director hired for the show and the salaries of emerging directors like Grace Baine could enlist a reality episode cost of 100k per episode on a pilot reality. this is only below the line production cost covering the crew, production set and director


It seems to be mostly due to the convenience of the channel or network airing a series with a number of pre-recorded episodes or at least a batch of them. For example, when a network buys or syndicates a series that has, let's say, 10 episodes and start airing the episodes in december, if they air episodes 1 and 2 but the christmas episode of the series is ...


Further to other answers, another reason the intro could change is due to holdover episodes. This is when some episodes in one production run are kept back and broadcast during the next season. This happened with season 20 of The Simpsons - that season marked a shift to HD and widescreen, and with that came a new intro. However there were 9 episodes held ...


Figured it out. Galactica 1980, episode two.


Layna answered your question well but sometimes mid-season credit also got changed even when their is no mid-season break. Intro got changed to include the new cast n crew or to remove the existing or to add new footage or to remove old. Take the case of Power ranger or any anime show, they change Intro so many time in mid-season from miner change to ...


TV-shows sometimes have mid-season breaks (I don't know why, but that seems to be what they do). White Collar seasons 2 and 3 did just that, as you can see on the Wikipedia Episode list. I would say that is the most likely cause, and should mean the Intro changed from Episodes 9 to 10 in Season 2, and 10 to 11 in Season 3.


It's Compromising Positions, the 4th episode of Season 6. (Searching for wearing contacts in context with Garcia and Criminal Minds did it.) Garcia offers to help them out by taking over J.J.’s former duties. Hotch agrees to this nonsense on a trial basis, though he seems to secretly think it’s a terrible idea. ... In any case, Garcia ...

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