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I think many of these answers are excellent--including the chosen answer which is essentially stating "it may be more fuzzy memory" than statistical truth. I think the technology addition is good as well--both DVRs and DVD sales. On other possible reason that we have more serial shows now than before is that we simply have a lot more TV. Cable was the big ...


A behind the scenes article at Reality Blurred shed some light on the actual process with the help of magicians Shimshi, Penn and Teller from the show: Episodes film back to back: All six episodes are filmed over three days, so it’s back-to-back magic performances. There are unseen magic acts: Both sets of competitors create routines for the second ...


I THINK (but don't know) this is like the Q bit in a James Bond film. The team gets their stuff plus extras, spends their hour preparing, then the audience bit is done as part of filming the acts. The link to Q is they used to film that last, once all the sequences with the gadgets were filmed, so that was how Q knew just what to give Bond.


In the UK there is something called "The Watershed" this rule applies to all broadcasters within the UK and is usually considered to be the hours between 9pm and 5:30am. This doesn't mean that straight after 9pm you can switch from family friendly to more adult material - the strongest material should be shown later in the evening. Programs shown before ...

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