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I know, I thought so too when I first saw Jake. But it turns out his eyes are not inverted. The sclera of his eye (aka "the white of the eye") isn't shown. The whole eye is drawn black, as can be seen on dogs whose eyes are not turned at extreme angle and the white circle we see is reflected light, like on this random stock photo of a dog (not the same model ...


If someone was doing something illegal, I would think the police would begin investigating. Especially if it was a series and not just a documentary. Although the guys in the show have claimed in interviews that it's legit, it has since been determined that it isn't.


I think it has to do with how technology has changed since then. During that time, we could only 'time-shift' TV shows with: VCRs (notoriously hard to program) Betamax (while it lasted) Now we have: DVRs (TiVo, from your TV service provider, etc) Internet/Digital video services (Netflix, Hulu, network websites) DVDs and Blu rays. Video On-demand. ...

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