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Here's an article answering your question. In short: Out of a typical 6 trailers, two are chosen by the studio that made the film you paid to see. The other four are usually chosen by the theater which profiles the audience using a quadrant system (male, female, under 25, over 25). Sometimes the choice will be based on rating (if you are at an NC-17 ...


Don’t forget that marketing may start on a film long before a final print is finished for theatrical distribution. Often times, editors will have access to ALL of the footage when cutting a trailer, sometimes just specific sequences. It’s a collaborative effort where they approve whatever is used, but this is why alternate takes or even jokes are used in ...


I have a friend who owns a (very) small theater... so some of this probably isn't "official" (I know they bend the rules a bit at times). Also, they operate only on film, I'm not for sure about digital Anyway, one thing a lot of people don't realize is that film is usually shipped on 6 or so small reels. The movie theater then tapes together these reels ...


I think they do that on purpose. Many scenes that are included for a certain trailer don't make the final cut when the actual film comes out. So maybe those are from the deleted scenes.


This answer is based on some guesswork, but may still be of interest. Here's a photo of a computer running a digital projector in a small cinema in France. It's running software called Cinelister and you can see the playlist on the right. It's part way through the showing of a film called Cloclo (2012). I didn't attend the screening, but I assume ...


It's possible they are relying a lot on the name of the series, as it did have a nice bit of word of mouth, as well as just trying to show something different as is the tone of the movie. Having watched the Swedish ones myself without reading the books, just knowing this movie is going to be made + the cast has already sold me. Which is another point to ...


This is the track Evey Reborn from Dario Marianelli's soundtrack for 'V For Vendetta' (the recognizable part you've pointed out appears around 2:30).

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