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In the commodities market you can sell what you do not have, as long as you have it to satisfy the deal by the end of the market day. And remember, NOBODY in this room wanted Orange Juice at the end of the day, merely the MONEY that changes hands. Billy Ray is delaying the purchase of the Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice because they are in a market of ...


The very first date that can be ascertained from the movie is December 1st, 1982. This date is written on the paychecks that Winthorpe has the Duke brothers sign. I'm not a Payroll guy, but I'm fairly certain that paychecks are dated on (or close to) the day they're issued. This means the checks were likely signed on November 30th. Immediately ...


This article does a good job of explaining what's going on during this scene. In essence, Valentine (Eddie Murphy) is writing down futures buys for frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) and is likely smiling because he is making a huge profit, having sold FCOJ futures (just before the crop report was publicly announced) at a higher price.


I think it's safe to say by now that this is indeed an intentional homage as it's not only mentioned in several TV sites (like this or this and also TVTropes), but it's also now on IMDb: In Episode 6, Xanthippe's female friend is finishing a story with the punchline "...and then she stepped on the ball." This line, the context and the pompous "Yuppie-...

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