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In the UK there is something called "The Watershed" this rule applies to all broadcasters within the UK and is usually considered to be the hours between 9pm and 5:30am. This doesn't mean that straight after 9pm you can switch from family friendly to more adult material - the strongest material should be shown later in the evening. Programs shown before ...


I think you're looking for 'The one with the trip to Vietnam' They ride mopeds the length of Vietnam and then have to turn them into boats to reach a bar in the water.


Top gear helped with promoting the film. This is also posted on the top gear website. Other than that I find no involvement between the production of Die Hard 5 and the staff of Top Gear.


There are many discussions of this on the web (Google: "Top Gear" source Nile), but I think the one on Reddit covers the main points solidly. In short, the "Top Gear" team redefined the phrase "source of the Nile" by first redefining "Nile" to include the Mediterranean Sea, thus moving the mouth of the Nile from Egypt to the Strait of Gibraltar. That ...


The Longest running gag is the Stig's introduction, which is always in the format of "Some say he [list of ridiculous claims] ... all we know is he's called The Stig.": 'Some say he never blinks, and that he roams around the woods at night foraging for wolves. All we know is he’s called the Stig' Some say that he thought Star Wars was a documentary, and ...

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