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You've hit the nail exactly on the head. The gifts are given in order to create an air of silliness in each of the challenges. Not only do you have to cross the sahara in a trabant but you have to do so while carrying a double bass, a live boa constrictor and you're not allowed to open the windows. Ta da! Instant merriment.


I think you're looking for 'The one with the trip to Vietnam' They ride mopeds the length of Vietnam and then have to turn them into boats to reach a bar in the water.


Top gear helped with promoting the film. This is also posted on the top gear website. Other than that I find no involvement between the production of Die Hard 5 and the staff of Top Gear.


There are many discussions of this on the web (Google: "Top Gear" source Nile), but I think the one on Reddit covers the main points solidly. In short, the "Top Gear" team redefined the phrase "source of the Nile" by first redefining "Nile" to include the Mediterranean Sea, thus moving the mouth of the Nile from Egypt to the Strait of Gibraltar. That ...

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