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Plot spoiler: This will decide the fate of the man, and it is the same situation as when a tennis ball, during match point, touches the net and pure luck will decide outcome of the game.


The title of the film is simply a play on words. The main character, Chris Wilton is a retired Tennis Professional. The fact that he murders his mistress and gets away with the crime is considered Match Point. Simple Definition of match point in tennis terms defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary: : a situation in tennis in which one player or team ...


So as you say (and BCdotWEB mentions in the comments) the Penny Dreadful was a name for old lurid serialsed stories (which sold for a penny). The series is attempting to re-imagine these type of stories so is thus called Penny Dreadful. In the exact same way Quentin Tarantino re-imagined old lurid, hard-boiled American crime stories into a film named "...


I believe it is because the male protagonist was a former tennis professional, and Match Point is a tennis term.


I don't think there's definitive word; this blog post speculates: The title could cover a dozen meanings, one being the promises told to poor young Eastern girls about a better life in the West. This is somewhat corroborated by this interview with Cronenberg: I remember when I first picked up the script and saw the title, Eastern Promises. I ...


Like the other nine titles, the title "Palindrome" is ironic. The season isn't a palindrome at all — it's the exact opposite. See this blog for more: Like the other nine titles, the relationship to the episode is ironic—the finale isn’t anything like the first hour at all. Ed Blumquist dies in a freezer while he brought porkchops home to Peggy a ...

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