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According to this page Slang term for one who snitches to the police, or is an undercover police officer themselves. Origin comes from the great size of rats living in and around reservoirs. Near the end of the movie the survivors come to a dramatic conclusion, one of them is a snitch or a cop. The title is actually a very good title, a reservoir is ...


From IMDb: What does the title mean? Tarantino doesn't typically answer this question directly, saying that he likes it when people come up with their own definitions for the phrase. He has called it "more of a mood title than anything else." One popular and oft-told story about the origin of the title is that former video store employee Tarantino ...


It's the number of different simulations run by Samaritan assets on Sameen Shaw. The purpose is not explicitly defined, but from context within the episode it seems that: However, that's just my interpretation - I'm sure the storyline will develop further in future episodes to confirm or otherwise.


It is the number of simulation that Sameen is subjected to by samaritan operatives to extract information about Team Machine and its latest base of operations.

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