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A Song of Ice and Fire really sounds quite fantasy-ish, whereas Game of Thrones sounds medieval and more suitable for a show. Also, the name 'Game of Thrones' gives more information about what will happen in the TV series (politics and fight for the throne) than the name A song of ice and fire does. Game of Thrones is still a very suitable title, yes it is ...


The word "game" is active where the word "song" is passive. "Game" implies conflict, struggling for position, winners and losers. "Ice and fire" are very evocative images, but they are also indistinct in that they don't really suggest what the song is actually about, except that fire opposes ice. "Thrones" evokes a world of kings and courts. Taken as a ...


I am not sure if the title is about one negotiator in particular. It may have been intentionally left open to suit viewer's own perception. But still if you have to award the title to one of the characters, then I think, Lieutenant Chris Sabian (played by Kevin Spacey) stands as a stronger contender. This is because, the other character, Danny Roman (Sam L ...


I'd guess because "Game of Thrones", to the uninitiated, sounds more bad-ass than "A Song of Ice and Fire".

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