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I think Rose died. Why else would the shot show her going back to the Titanic to be with Jack? Also, the entire staircase area is filled with all those who died with the ship. This is all my opinion but that's what I believe is suggested. Same as Les Mis (new one) and the final episode of Lost.


If you watch the movie, and that scene in particular, you'll know that they tried to get 2 on the plank but it began to flip. Jack decided to sacrifice himself rather than put Rose in danger. In the real world, I'm sure they could have eventually worked out the weight distribution so that they both could have climbed aboard without it flipping, but for ...


I always looked at it as Rose giving her heart to Jack, symbolically. Also, she knew the value of it and knew that in an extreme moment of poverty she could sell it, but she was now at the end of her life and knew she no longer needed that "chip" to cash in. Also, recall that it was somewhat "stolen", so passing it on to her heirs would come with some risk ...


In both the film and the script it's left ambiguous - specifically the script says; "We PAN OFF the last picture of Rose herself, warm in her bunk. A profile shot. She is very still. She could be sleeping, or maybe something else."

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