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Cooper was 35 - 38 years old when he left and Murph was 10 years old when her father left. 2 years for Saturn 23 years (Miller's planet) 51 years (Slingshot around Gargantua) 124 years old when Copper is found near Saturn So I would agree to say he has to be between the ages of 35-38 years old. I really want to go with 38 years old as I think there was a ...


All times given in the movie seem exact multiples of 7 year/hour. 23 years = 3 hours on Miller's planet x 7 year/hour + 2 years to Saturn 51 years = (3 + 4 hours on Mann's planet) x 7 year/hour + 2 years to Saturn 124 years = (3 + 4 + 5 hours in 5 dimensions) x 7 year/hour + 2 years to Saturn + 10 age of Murph + 28 age when Murph was born.


Nemo has 20/20 hindsight...angels of oblivion are his own mythic characters to convey or personify the the fact that he can transcend time of his own life because hes live it already, so he can determine the outcome like a captain of his own voyage, hence the name Nemo (Captain Nemo).


The time travel logic of Interstellar follows the Novikov self-consistency principle (which physicist Kip Thorne, associated with the movie, did work on). Different time travel stories handle the logic of time travel in different ways. Consider the grandfather paradox, where you go back in time and kill your grandfather. In some stories, it's possible for ...

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